FPS Games National Clan.


In here, you can see our allianced clan’s, or you could offer us an alliance. What will we give you? Lot of fun and another players to play with – nice way to spend the time. No more playing with noobs. Play against us, and take a nice lesson of skills.

SIN Clan


How did alliance were made?
A leader of SIN Clan, has wrote us, with a great proposition of becoming an alliance of our clan N$E’ with SIN Clan. After a small team-talk, N$E’ has decided to become alliances.

What for?
Yeah – why? For fun! To have a small competition between the clan in games. Mostly we will play in private matches – 4 members from our clan against 4 members of SIN Clan. Some thing like a clan war, but for a training, for fun, tips, help etc.

If you want to become our alliance – that’s cool. All you need to do, is feel in the form below, and within 24 hours, two leaders will read your form, and think about your proposition.

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